Friday, April 30, 2010

Hues of Blues

Hues of Blues” – three small words but many inferences…now whats my minds’ references?

Is it about the shades of color blue in an artist’s palette or mentioning about the tones of sky as a nature’s wallet? Is it the tinges of the sea from shore to horizon or mixes of the Mother Nature for the wiser? Or to the way-apart different theme, where the word blue does not have calm or serene.

In a journey called life, there come many stations. Some are happy ones, some are gloomy interruptions. The colorfully lit, bright, jovial to stay on and on and on contrasted to the dark, shadowy, deserted we just hope our train would not halt at all.

However, we have to get off, we have to get on; we have to experience the sun and we have to bear the den. How we enjoy the sun, how we go through the shades? How we beam up to the light, or how we drive beyond the blind? It’s just a perception of being alive.

Sometimes our days are perfect, sometimes dark clouds encircle us. Sometime we kick the life, sometime life kicks us.

We ride a roller-coaster ride, with a set of peaks and array of dikes. We thank god for the wonderful times and we combat for the somber while.

All in all, there is some blue in all. The shades may vary, the scales may contrast!
These are just my few thoughts!!

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sweet.preeti said...

dis description of blue certainly brought me out of blue.... gd wrk sweets....