Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AND THE POINT IS... Girls totally Rule!!

Oh no! These are not the words for protest boards or girl’s rally demonstration… these are just the T-shirt sayings. And the privileged ones’ belong to us ;). 

My D Husby's t-shirt says ~

and you guessed it right, mine boasting ~

To add a dash of fun spice in the situation, we coincidentally wore our respective t-shirts together at the same time. Yesterday evening, we went to a library. None of us had noticed or gave any attention to what would be the impact of our cute sayings… They did catch many eyes, but rather individually, I guess. However, the librarian observed it and mused over it. As I was standing on the right side of my DH, she made me stand on his left side. And then publicized our t-shirt sayings with a loud good-hearted laugh :))  
“And your Point is… Girls Totally Rule!”

So to all the lovely ladies out there, I think the point is proved once again ~ “Girls Totally Rule!” yipeee!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hues of Blues

Hues of Blues” – three small words but many inferences…now whats my minds’ references?

Is it about the shades of color blue in an artist’s palette or mentioning about the tones of sky as a nature’s wallet? Is it the tinges of the sea from shore to horizon or mixes of the Mother Nature for the wiser? Or to the way-apart different theme, where the word blue does not have calm or serene.

In a journey called life, there come many stations. Some are happy ones, some are gloomy interruptions. The colorfully lit, bright, jovial to stay on and on and on contrasted to the dark, shadowy, deserted we just hope our train would not halt at all.

However, we have to get off, we have to get on; we have to experience the sun and we have to bear the den. How we enjoy the sun, how we go through the shades? How we beam up to the light, or how we drive beyond the blind? It’s just a perception of being alive.

Sometimes our days are perfect, sometimes dark clouds encircle us. Sometime we kick the life, sometime life kicks us.

We ride a roller-coaster ride, with a set of peaks and array of dikes. We thank god for the wonderful times and we combat for the somber while.

All in all, there is some blue in all. The shades may vary, the scales may contrast!
These are just my few thoughts!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

India Abode

A visit to your homeland is always a much awaited and cherished moment, esp when you are miles away from your dear ones. Though with a much advanced tech era that let you voice/video chats with full expressions onn; still a mere togetherness with your loved ones is what you ached for.
I happened to get a chance to ease my ache this snowy January of 2010. Whether call it a perfect excuse for exams or my dire wish to visit my ‘Bharat Maa' :), I was into Delhi with an arrival immigration stamped dated January 9, 2010.
Sneaking my way out of IGI-Del, through immigration queues and luggage waitings; I was virtually living my stay of two and a half months.  Though my departure date was already in my bag (of March 18, 2010); I was so thrilled of having plenty of time to paint the town ;). However, what I didn’t realize that pleasurable time flies with snap of a finger. 
With tons of tasks aligned ahead for me; I hopped all during my stay from here to there.  There were exams to be taken (for which no date-sheet was out till that time), spending time with family, visiting relatives & friends, dinners, luncheons and most of all important ‘The Shopping’. How can I even think of missing a chance to shed some shells out of my darling husbands’ pocket?
All through my exam period, there was continues fight going on between my right brain and the left one – to study or to spend some time in gup shup. And the logical one was always hovering over my timid left one :( [but not for long].
With the arrival of my DH, we were on a spree - continuously jiggling with the time and traffic of Delhi. No matter what, as a true NRI you criticize every other thing about India like pollution, traffic, not obeying road rules, improper systems… but as a sacha Hindustani one definitely fall in love with those roads, side pan- waalas, crowd and full on mast life. All through the month we had been relishing the air of love, the breeze of care and fulto masti....From heartily enjoying visits to all –Mamas’, Maasis’, Chachas, Bhuas’ house, savoring pure Punjabi delicacies…Yummm!!! To shop in almost every market of Delhi with arms-full of packets ;) Or by indulging ourselves into varied varieties of chaat streets :DOh God can I get one more gol gappa with saunth…lolzz
Remembering Maa-ka-pyaar; I got plenty of time staying with my ‘maa; but still you crave for MOrrrree… And how to forget those stupid pillow fights and knick knacks with my younger bro and sis.... but the cream of the days were my bossing them around and showing my elderlypana to them...lolzz
With all this, finnally  there came our time of return… the packings, low moods, checking essentials, scrutinizing stuffs, and the most painful were leaving your fav mithais and other stuffs cos of excess baggage weight... :( [too bad on airlines' part]
Ahh!!! with this short visit, we not only brought back plenty of material things to relish my home and of course myself ;) but also uncountable numbers of unforgettable memories, plenty of love and blessings of our loved ones.... 
Miss You Everyone!