Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AND THE POINT IS... Girls totally Rule!!

Oh no! These are not the words for protest boards or girl’s rally demonstration… these are just the T-shirt sayings. And the privileged ones’ belong to us ;). 

My D Husby's t-shirt says ~

and you guessed it right, mine boasting ~

To add a dash of fun spice in the situation, we coincidentally wore our respective t-shirts together at the same time. Yesterday evening, we went to a library. None of us had noticed or gave any attention to what would be the impact of our cute sayings… They did catch many eyes, but rather individually, I guess. However, the librarian observed it and mused over it. As I was standing on the right side of my DH, she made me stand on his left side. And then publicized our t-shirt sayings with a loud good-hearted laugh :))  
“And your Point is… Girls Totally Rule!”

So to all the lovely ladies out there, I think the point is proved once again ~ “Girls Totally Rule!” yipeee!!!